Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who the hell is Officer Piccolo?

I do not think cops are heroes because they are strong, brave tough, skilled and resourceful. Heroes are a dime a dozen. Medal of honor winner Pappy Boyington once said "Show me a hero and I will show you a bum".

Although the police are often the thread that keeps civilization civilized, I won't get into that here.

This blog has nothing to do with catching crooks, not directing traffic, nor keeping the peace.

It has nothing to do with the daily dangers these intrepid lawmen have to face on a daily basis.

This entire blog is dedicated to those police officers that have to deal with the majority of 911 calls because the majority of them are nothing but stupidity. This blog is dedicated to those in law enforcement that on a daily basis manage to deal with massive doses of stupidity and STILL keep their very sanity.

I have decided to don an imaginary police uniform and become an imaginary police officer here and deal with things the way I would deal with them if I were a cop.

Then again, remember that I would be canned inside the first week.

To those forces of law and order that deal with stupidity, this blog's for you.

While this is NOT going to be a daily thing, i will post things here from time to time.

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